Wednesday, March 02, 2005

You guessed it ... more comments

Here are some of the comments from readers over since yesterday. You can submit comments of your own by clicking here.

I personally do not wish to, again, be interrupted by time wasteful calls. Your attempt to circumvent the wishes of the greater number of citizens is despicable. You,(CEO's/Directors), are the typical trash who egotistically feel you can control everything and everybody by your typical bullying tactics.


Wells Fargo wants to charge me to speak to a banker but they want to be able to call and disturb me when ever they want.


Please DO NOT mess with Indiana's wonderful DO NOT CALL list. Telemarketing is the worst thing anyone ever dreamed up. My home has been so peaceful ever since the list has been in effect because my phone has stopped ringing from the annoying unwanted phone calls.

I assure you, our family does NOT do business with anyone that annoys us with telemarking calls. This will now also include the banks that are pushing to overturn this wonderful DO NOT CALL LIST.


I am appalled at your companies lack of concern or interest in your customers' and future customers' interests in their privacy. I want you to know that as a consumer living in Indiana, I have long thought our Do Not Call list was one of the best pieces of legislation our state has ever enacted. Now I find your companies trying to lobby to pre-empt this law, just so your company can invade our expressly desired privacy with your constant, irritating solicitations.

I am going to say this: I will NOT, EVER, do ANY business with ANY company or it's affiliates who support this lobbying. ANY bank I currently do ANY business with I will cancel, close or transfer those accounts to your competitors who do NOT support this INVASION OF PRIVACY. And I will laugh in your face when you call trying to solicit me.

How about you gove me the home phone numbers for all your employees including your CEO and other high management employees. I would love to call them at home and discuss this matter at my convenience while you are trying to eat dinner, watch tv, enjoy quality family time, etc.

I will let everyone I see know that your company supports invading our privacy and show no concern what so ever about our interests. I will also let them know which banks do NOT support this and in turn recommend doing business with those banks.

Thank you for your time


I work until midnight, so I like to sleep until about 9 am. This morning I woke at 7 am to my phone ringing from a telemarketer wanting to sell me some coupons to shop at a mall. When I asked if they were aware of each states restrictions concerning how early they could call for telemarketing, the women hung up on me. I for one find it time consuming and rude to be woken or for that matter at any time to receive unwanted calls from telemarketers. I am in favor of keeping the do not call laws.


Gentlemen: You organization represent the interests of banks and others who wish to utilize telemarketing to alert their customers to offers and services. The petition in front of the Federal Communications Commission makes it clear that these institutions consider it their 'right and privilege' (my quotes) to be able to contact their customers by telephone to discuss these offers and services. The rationale goes on to indicate in part that it's cheaper to contact customers by telephone, and therefore that's what they must be able to do.

It appears that your members just don't get it. The state Do Not Call lists, particularly the one here in Indiana, are a response by the people to the incessant assault on them by telemarketers. The medium has been so discredited that any further attempt to use it in this manner will backfire on your members. That kind of reaction has begun, with the Attorney General in Indiana making people aware of your members' intents.

Advise your members that their insistence on being able to call their clients about offers and services is not a good idea. It WILL lead to a backlash against their institutions. Urge them to withdraw this misguided effort before the backlash grows.

There are alternatives, so 'just because we can doesn't mean we should'. Why not put inserts into the periodic mailings? It's actually cheaper.


If you don't stop your efforts to ammend the Indiana Do Not Call List, I will Never do business with you. I don't want you calling me...Use the mail. Shame On You! Have you lost your Sense?


To Whom It May Concern,

The citizens of the State of Indianapolis have clearly stated their position on how businesses should conduct themselves in regard to telemarketing calls. This includes banks.

For the record please let it be known that any bank, organization or group that opposes or seeks to overturn the law in Indiana that protects the rights of individuals and families to not be called by any business, including banks, is in direct contradiction with the will of the people. Any party that lends support and/or resources to change or overturn the law for it's own benefit shall no longer enjoy a personal or business relationship with me. This includes my current bank, Fifth Third, whose name is listed in support of these measures.

Please agree to conduct your business in a reasonable and rational way, which respects the privacy of your customers and the people of this state. That is the intention of the current Indiana law, which has been successful in stemming the tide of intrusive telemarketing by businesses who have not and will not undertake this courtesy on their own. Seeking to change it only places your industry in the ire of the public.


I strongly oppose your efforts to pre-empt Indiana's Do Not Call Law and allow banks to make telemarketing calls to customers. I have banked at National City Bank for many years, and I assure you that if I receive one telemarketing call from them as a result of their lobbying efforts, I will move my account to a different bank.


My personal telephone number is non-published and non-listed.Do you really think that it is fair, for me to pay an extra fee to my phone company? If I wanted my privacy violated I WOULD NOT have my phone number on the DO NOT CALL LIST. Keep my private number private. Leave the DO NOT CALL LIST alone.


Please save the Do Not Call list.

I work the night shift at a health care facility. Sleeping through the day light hours is difficult in itself. Being awakened by bothersome phone calls impairs the safety of my patients.

I'm sure there are many other persons that work this shift. Just think if it were you or a loved one on the receiving end of someone that is sleep deprived. How good would their skills be?

It is known that someone who has not had enough sleep is as risky as someone who has been consuming alcahol. Would you want to jepordize your safety?

Save the Do Not Call list.


Telemarketing calls are an interruption to my life. 99% of them don't know how to say my name, are too pushy, and won't take NO for an answer. It is not in my budget to pay for caller ID, so being on Indiana's Do Not Call List has been wonderful. My call volume dropped drastically. Now, when my phone rings, I don't worry about who is on the other end. Please do not add back these interruptions.


Please oppose the FCC petition #02-278. I oppose it. I detest receiving solicitating phone calls. If I want to buy something, or donate something, I will take the initiative myself. Thank you.