Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ...

The Indiana State Senate is taking its own action to protect Do Not Call:

Banks that are challenging Indiana's no-call list are now the target of legislation that would prevent them from doing business with state government.

Leaders in the state Senate Wednesday announced that they are working with Attorney General Steve Carter to prevent state government funds from being deposited in any bank that has petitioned the FCC regarding the do-not-call list. Eight banks have done so. Also, Staci Schneider from the attorney general's office says that the amended language "requires any company that does business with the state to follow the do-no-call law."

“The do-not-call list is an extraordinary piece of legislation. It's popular. I mean, its popularity is overwhelming and for the banks to challenge it in effect, again, I repeat, has to be the dumbest public relations move that I've heard,” said Sen. Bob Garton (R-Senate Leader).

Senator Greg Server of Evansville is sponsoring an amendment that would punish banks who seek to get around the do-no-call list.