Monday, February 28, 2005

South Bend Trib on Do Not Call

The South Bend Tribune ran this story last week on the fight to save Do Not Call. Masson's Blog offered its own commentary on one of the quotes in the story:

I loved this brilliant nonresponse by National City Bank to complaints from its customers:

National City spokeswoman Terri Wilson said Tuesday a relatively small number of customers had contacted the bank to express concern.

The bank answered the concerns with assurances National City respects their privacy and will comply with all applicable telemarketing laws, said Wilson.
Well thank you very much Terri Wilson! That's the *&$^% point. Hoosiers want Indiana law to be the applicable telemarketing laws. By supporting the CBA position, you're saying that you do not in fact respect privacy since you want the applicable telemarketing law to be the more permissive federal law that will allow National City Bank and its ilk to call me to peddle its crap while I'm eating or spending some quality time with my child.