Saturday, January 29, 2005


"Telemarketers have targeted Indiana since the law took effect four years ago and will continue to attack until they can start making unwanted sales calls again...This is an issue of privacy that states have the opportunity to regulate through their elected representatives." Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter.

Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter wants Hoosiers to know about yet another effort being undertaken to weaken the state's Do-Not-Call law. The Consumer Bankers Association (CBA), a national trade association of banks, is asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to impose more unwanted telemarketing calls on people. In a petition filed before the federal agency, the CBA, including its Indiana member banks, is asking to contact previous customers even though they may be registered on the state's no-call-list limiting such sales calls. This exemption does not currently exist in Indiana's Do Not Call law, and the addition of this exemption could yield a revolving 800,000,000 additional organizations which would be exempt from the law if a transaction per line per day is made.